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Influencer Panics About Drink that Makes Her Feel “So Happy”

A TikTok video which has skyrocketed to over 16 million views shows a woman apologizing for recommending a drink that made her feel “so happy” (even doing taxes!). After posting her initial drink recommendation, she received numerous messages and comments from both viewers and friends expressing concerns about the drink’s ingredients. 

Emmy from TikTok talking about New Brew Euphoric Seltzer

“…it says 21+ and it’s not weed and it’s not alcohol. And I’m like it’s probably just fun, it’s probably just like, I don’t even know, so many vitamins.…I’m like, I feel so happy. I’m like, telling people about it. I’m like, you have to try this drink. Like, I feel so happy.”

The drink in question? New Brew, labeled a Euphoric Seltzer made with Kratom Leaf, Kava Root, organic tea, and fruit flavors.

The video quickly started trending on TikTok. New Brew reached out to the maker of the video, Emmy, to share some information about the beverage and set the record straight. In a subsequent video with Emmy, a staffer from New Brew explains what the drink contains. 

New brew response video on Happy drink

“The 3 main ingredients are kava root, kratem leaf, and organic tea. These plant substances have been used safely in other parts of the world for thousands of years, and they do have real, tangible effects. And because of that, you feel something when drinking our drink.”

Kratom is the common term for the herbal leaves from the tropical evergreen tree Mitrogyna speciosa. Kratom has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes. Mitragynine (MIT) is the most abundant alkaloid in Kratom. Some people report that they consume Kratom for an energizing or relaxing effect, depending on the product, Mitragynine extract purity, and other factors. 

Kava is a shrub in the pepper family native to Vanuatu and islands in Polynesia. Its roots contain lactones (kavalactones) responsible for its unique effects. It has a history of being used in other cultures for relaxation, in social situations, and for a number of other reasons. 

We agree with Emmy that you should not consume a product if you’re unfamiliar with the ingredients or unsure of the amount of active ingredients inside (whether it’s Kratom, Kava, caffeine, alcohol, etc. you should know the amount and strength of the product).

Emmy from TikTok New Brew video happy drink, I feel so happy

“If you buy something and you don’t know what the ingredients are,
look it up!”

And, even if you are familiar with the ingredients, make sure the product is from a reputable brand. When buying a product with Kratom, Kava, or really any plant products, the company who makes it should list the amount of the active ingredient per serving (such as mg), as well as the serving size.

The company should also follow strict GMP standards, like third-party lab testing of every batch of products for safety and quality.

New Brew’s active ingredients are all 3rd party lab tested, in compliance with the standards set forth by the American Association (AKA). Each batch of New Brew is then lab tested for safety after production by a GMP-certified manufacturing partner.

New Brew labels itself as an adult drink (21+) made with plants you can feel. The ingredients have been carefully selected to support a unique combination of calm, clarity, and connection.

It also states a warning on the can that “anything that feels good can be habit-forming, including New Brew. Consume mindfully and don’t drink it everyday.”

New Brew says that you should not drink more that two at a time, and it is not recommended for people who are in recovery for substance abuse.

Click here for more information on New Brew or to shop for New Brew.